Our PLASTIC FORMWORK is an innovative prefabricated modular formwork system made from composite material using state-of-art manufacturing technology that give you speed and quality on your project.

Our purpose is to increase the usage of recyclable composite plastic panel and reduce wood layer which has a very low reusability and durability. Malprofile management is keen to take part in provide solutions to create a greener world and build a more sustainable future for us.


  • Beam custom make to suit beam dimension
  • Combine with other conventional method, flexible for carpenter
  • Work in progress without delay
  • Maximum strengthen
  • Flexibility
  • Economical-life use cycle
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmental

Sample Plastic Mould Both Sides

a) Plasform Panel 457mm X 1215mm

b) Plasform Panel 202mm X 1215mm

c) Plasform Panel 457mm X 608mm

d) Plasform Panel 202mm X 608mm


Can accommodate & facilities other tasks


Accomodated with M&E works

Number of Plastic Formworks combine together

Concrete surface

Used and applied to Mega Project

Custom make corner form for beam

Beam custom to suit beam dimension



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